Technical Support Job Description

Title: IT & Network Support Technician

Reports to: Operations Lead

EEO Classification: Professionals

ADAAA Classification: Light Duty

Job Summary:

Intwine Connect’s Support Technician will be responsible for the daily management, performance monitoring, and support of the Company’s IT and IoT product lines. This will consist of customer support, new customer implementation, and project management for large rollouts. The position will have a focus on maintaining the customer-centric culture at the core of Intwine Connect and constantly reviewing areas of continuous improvement and quality. The role will be responsible for creating and implementing service workflows, assuring customer satisfaction is met by resolving workflow, quality, project, or technology issues.


Work is to be performed at Intwine Connect's Logistics Center in Warren, OH.

The Technical Support performs a variety of duties, including but not limited to:

• Utilizing internal Intwine Connect systems to support new customer opportunities, manage workflow, track and resolve issues, and generally move the business unit goals forward.

• Providing support in managing the onboarding of new customers in collaboration with Intwine Connect sales and marketing.

• Facilitating workflow in support of defined Service Level Agreements.

• Coordinating with the management team to ensure technical and process documentation is adhered to and maintained.

• Identifying, developing, and implementing new processes that contribute to increasing the overall efficiency of the service operations and lowering service costs.

• Ensuring compliance in the use of quality control documents, time and expense entries, and/or other departmental policies and procedures.

• Other duties to be assigned.

Qualifications & Abilities:

• Bachelor’s Degree in IT or equivalent experience in IT implementation

• Experience with knowledge management tools and process documentation

• Knowledge of service and incident management, testing, and quality procedures

• Action-oriented self-starter

• Proven track record in successfully applying IT Operations best practices

• Ability to work independently and sustain positive relationships with staff, peers, and customers.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements

• Works in an office setting on a regular basis

• Requires ability to sit or stand for an extended period

Classification & Compensation

• The position is full-time, salaried, and exempt from FLSA overtime requirements

• The salary range varies based on experience, training, skills, abilities, and length of service with the Company

About Us

Intwine Connect, LLC, is an independent company that develops hardware, software, and services for monitoring, managing, and utilizing business-critical performance data. The company’s mission is to be the best at collaborating with customers to provide an end-to-end solution that connects machines to businesses and end-users via user-friendly, real-time, two-way communications. The Intwine vision is to grow our company around smart, driven people with a real-world technical background. We seek to understand our customers’ needs by asking good questions and tackle big problems by applying our creativity and passion for technology and building strong relationships. In every case, we seek to deliver real-world, mass-deployable solutions.