Connection and protection for your educational community

Intwine Connect enables schools and students to stay connected and protected with solutions for internet connectivity, food safety, and health tracking — all with critical business insights for your educational team. 

Intwine Connect solutions for educational organizations include:

  • Hand hygiene solutions thru soap and sanitizer dispenser monitoring 
  • Food service safety with cold storage and hot food monitoring
  • School management website for monitoring and reporting  

Solution Spotlight: Distance Learning

4 Gr White Front Trans Bg

Easy set-up for schools and families, tech support, CIPA compliance, centralized monitoring and reporting, and powerful WiFi signal with connectivity for up to 10 devices.

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Intwine Connect Customer Success Stories 

Solutions from Intwine have been embraced across the education spectrum, from research universities to school districts to private and charter schools. Each organization has its own objectives and needs, and Intwine is happy to serve a versatile solution suite to serve educators, students, and their communities.

Here's one of our success stories from Nordonia Hills.

“It’s been very beneficial for us and most importantly for these families.” — Matt Gaugler, Business Director for Nordonia Hills City Schools, Ohio

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