Bemidji, MN (February 13, 2018) – Today, North Country Business Products (NCBP), one of the largest POS solutions providers in the country, announced that it is partnering with Intwine Connect, based in Cleveland, OH to provide broadband failover and IoT services to its breadth of hospitality and grocery customers.  For almost 70 years, North Country Business Products has been committed to providing the best products, services and support to customers.   Continuing with its success and the consistent growth trend in the POS market, NCBP has selected Intwine Connect to provide backup broadband to support customers’ need for consistent, uninterrupted internet access for their business.  

As customers have moved to EMV credit card processing, consistent internet connectivity is more critical than ever to ensure effective payment management. NCBP chose Intwine’s all-inclusive broadband backup solution with bundled LTE 4G Router, cellular activation, configuration, data plan and management portal over competing solutions.  Intwine’s bundled solution provides all the aspects of a failover solution from one supplier simplifying the purchase to installation process for NCBP.  With the remote management portal, NCBP as well as direct customers can get notifications when the back up is triggered and monitor the usage of the failover service.
Setting the Foundation for the Future 
Not only does the Intwine solution offer a fully featured failover service, it also offers exciting IoT capabilities as well.  With temperature and humidity sensors, customers can monitor refrigerators/freezers to more effectively manage perishable items.  By configuring personalized alerts and alarms, customers get instant feedback on potential issues in the store. With Intwine,  NCBP can expand its technology solutions offering to include additional value-added services assisting grocery and hospitality customers to optimize their businesses.
“We are pleased to have chosen the Intwine solution.  It provides the business-critical failover service needed and requested by our customers. With the temperature monitoring capabilities, we can also offer cutting edge IoT services that help us expand the value added service we offer customers.” said Jim Freed President and CEO of North Country Business Products.  

About Intwine Connect
Founded in 2009 by CEO Dave Martin, Intwine Connect is an independent provider of broadband backup and intelligent networking solutions with a focus on Internet-of-Things.  The products & services offered by Intwine Connect include broadband backup, energy management devices and services, industrial internet-of-things, and indoor air quality monitoring. All products and services are delivered after understanding the needs of end users by asking good questions, and applying our creativity and passion for technology and building strong relationships. In every case, we seek to deliver real-world, mass-deployable solutions. For more information, please visit www.intwineconnect.com.

About North Country Business Products 
North Country Business Products is one of the largest POS solution providers in the United States, partnering with such leading technology companies as: Toshiba, LOC, NCR, Datalogic, and Oracle Hospitality. We optimize Grocery/Retail and Hospitality customer’s business environments by providing progressive solutions and responsive support.   NCBP currently has 14 locations and does business in over 20 states. As a 100% Employee Owned Company, our dedicated associate owners pride themselves by providing the best customer experience. For more information, please visit ncbpinc.com.