Intwine Connect greatly simplifies the process for ordering, deploying and managing 4G LTE backup broadband networks for small businesses

CLEVELAND (October 1, 2015) – Intwine Connect, an independent company committed to developing hardware, software, and IoT services for the monitoring and management of business-critical performance data, today announced the industry's first end-to-end solution for wireless broadband backup in small and medium businesses.

Intwine's first-of-its-kind bundled solution gives customers a one-stop shop to deploy a wireless broadband backup infrastructure. The Intwine offering includes the Intwine 4G LTE Router (4GR), cellular network activation, elastic cellular data plans, and network installation support. Intwine's bundled solution gives customers unparalleled simplicity in deploying and maintaining wireless broadband backup networks that require little or no internal IT resources.

"Intwine enables companies to keep their employees and systems online with an intuitive, single-source service for deploying and supporting an enterprise-class network," said Dave Martin, founder and CEO of Intwine Connect. "When using the Intwine bundled solution, customers no longer need to wait for quotes, part numbers, activations, etc., or coordinate with multiple parties. The devices are manufactured, activated, and configured by Intwine, so all customers have to do is plug them in and set up an online account."

As the Internet becomes more and more prevalent in Americans' everyday lives, there is a growing need for businesses to have a secure, reliable and uninterrupted broadband connection. Until now, it has been a difficult and lengthy process for business owners to find the right cellular device and to manage the process of getting that device online and keeping it online. Intwine offers a one-stop solution for these broadband backup services.

Intwine has also simplified the ordering process and improved time-to-market with its newly launched online store. Intwine's e-commerce store, located at, allows customers to purchase the necessary hardware and set up recurring billing online all with a credit card. Intwine further simplifies the process and shortens time-to-market by configuring each order in-house and shipping out of its Twinsburg, Ohio warehouse. Because Intwine has designed and built every piece of the hardware and software, it is able to eliminate the confusion of dealing with multiple vendors, shorten time-to-market, streamline network installation, and offer tier one technical support.