Proven leader in IoT connectivity, Intwine Connect, releases its latest innovative, reliable cellular edge controller. Following their recent launch of the ICG-150 LTE Cellular Router, the ICG-200 boasts higher connectivity speeds and robust edge computing capability.

The LTE Edge Controller further advances edge intelligence and capabilities. Highly responsive, flexible, and capable, the ICG-200 Controller doubles as a device providing cellular connectivity as well as a hub for Internet of Things devices with multiple connectivity capabilities. Intwine Connect’s new product provides fast primary and backup internet to customers via its cellular LTE. Additionally, customers are now equipped with more connections than ever before while maintaining a reliable connection.

“The ICG-200 LTE Edge Controller is a very exciting launch for both us and our customers. Our customers are adding more devices to their monitoring and systems, and the new ICG-200 delivers more capacity and speed to our customers to grow.” said Jim Basar, Senior Product Manager, at Intwine Connect.

Intwine Connect’s new product is functional in many environments such as manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, campuses, small businesses, branch locations, mobile and remote work sites as well as academic institutions. The use cases of the ICG-200 Controller include providing high-speed primary or backup connectivity, connecting equipment and systems in businesses, monitoring and managing equipment, reporting on analytics for connected devices and sensors.

Stay connected and protected with Intwine Connect’s new ICG-200 Edge Controller and its supporting managed services.