The Intwine Connected Gateway and CloudBUS® platform enable networked and sensor-integrated lighting solutions for any market

Intwine Connect, an independent company committed to developing hardware, software, and IoT services for the monitoring and management of business- critical performance data, today announced an end-to-end solution for networked indoor and outdoor lighting monitoring and control.

The Intwine Connected Gateway (ICG), combined with CloudBUS® real-time two-way communications, and user-defined interfaces, is the technology backbone that allows customers to connect their lights and standard monitoring and measuring devices to create “the connected home, office, factory, warehouse, hospital, etc." The ICG enables customers to create an ecosystem of third-party devices, including lights, to measure and control energy usage, indoor air quality, security, and other applications.

Intwine Connect will be demonstrating its ICG/ CloudBUS® solution in conjunction with ams AG's Cognitive Lighting™ solutions at LIGHTFAIR International, May 5-7 at the Javits Center in New York City. The Intwine solution includes a local wireless connection to the revolutionary AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager, the industry's first sensor-integrated, chip-scale, Internet of Things (IoT) connected smart lighting manager.

Dave Martin, founder and CEO of Intwine Connect, said, “We see the LED lighting market moving very quickly towards networked lighting and our end-to-end solution will enable our customers to develop and mass-deploy M2M applications that are fully functional and highly reliable in a variety of real-world situations. The opportunity to partner with ams, and be recognized by such a leading IoT sensor solutions company, is a major step forward for our specialized technology firm."

“A key enabler to fully realizing the smart lighting revolution will be sensor-driven, autonomous, integrated luminaire controls," commented Tom Griffiths, Marketing Manager for ams' Sensor Driven Lighting team. “By moving the intelligence, local control and networking into the luminaire, the burden of building-level connectivity and system integration is suddenly shifted from traditional lighting control approaches over to the luminaire manufacturers. Solutions such as the Intwine Connected Gateway, combined with the CloudBUS® platform, represents exactly the type of IoT cloud-based solution that luminaire manufacturers will need in order to assume the role of lighting system solution provider."

The hardware and software platform create a new class of sensor-integrated smart lighting solutions and deliver cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities to luminaire, light engine, and replacement lamp manufacturers. The ability to deploy, monitor, control, and automate heterogeneous networks becomes a reality with a true end-to-end solution.

The ICG/ CloudBUS® solution can be seen at LIGHTFAIR International at ams' booth #4563 during standard exhibit hours.

Intwine Connect, LLC is an independent company that develops hardware, software, and services for monitoring, managing, and utilizing business-critical performance data. The company's mission is to be the best at collaborating with customers to provide an end-to-end solution that connects machines to businesses and end users via user-friendly, real-time, two-way communications. The Intwine vision is to grow our company around smart, driven people with real-world technical backgrounds. We seek to understand our customers' needs by asking good questions, and tackle big problems by applying our creativity and passion for technology and building strong relationships. In every case, we seek to deliver real-world, mass-deployable solutions. For more information about Intwine Connect, visit our website at