Partner with Intwine

As a channel-oriented company with nearly 10 years of cellular and Internet of Things industry experience, Intwine instills confidence in its partners that they are working with an established and reliable technology provider. Channel partnerships with Intwine offer partners the ability to diversify revenue streams with technology implementations that are complimentary to their core business.

Intwine understands the critical role that reliable and flexible technology providers offer to its partners' success. Intwine built its Channel Partner Program around partners and provides dedicated sales support, independently engineered solutions, simple deal fulfillment & reporting, and a top commissions/margin program.

When you partner with Intwine, our team is behind you every step of the way!

Benefits of Partnering with Intwine

  • Diversify your product and service offerings with 4G LTE Failover and cutting edge IoT technology.
  • Utilize our dedicated channel team to help co-sell opportunities of any size.
  • Use our experts to help secure sales through pre-sales support/engineering, customer demonstrations, and any other dedicated sales activities necessary to close deals.
  • Continue earning commissions on service deals through the life of the customer.
  • Receive commissions for future add-on sales at your customer locations.
  • New promotions and bonus programs are released regularly.
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