IoT/IIoT continues to advance and optimize critical operations for our industrial and manufacturing customers.

Intwine Connect has been advancing (and not over hyping) with Industry 4.0 for nearly 10 years. Our industrial and manufacturing clients each have specific needs and environments in which we collaborate to analyze, pilot, implement, and optimize.

Intwine works with each client to address 5 key elements of critical, complex IoT systems:

  • Reliability
  • Privacy
  • Configurability
  • Scalability
  • Security

Intwine's technology lends itself to a decentralized approach to deliver fast, reliable IoT applications at the edge for manufacturing environments and microgrids. While delivering robust connectivity and intelligence capability at the edge, we also assist clients in collecting and aggregating operational insights to centralized systems or data lakes where business and data teams can work with safe, concrete, and reliable data from operations.

IIoT Products

Our IIoT Solutions range generally involve our:

  • Robust edge AI controller (ICG-200, ICG-100)
  • Compact and tough computer (ICG-x86)

IIoT Services

We have worked with clients to become a fast, cost-effective support partner.

  • Our US-based teams are seasoned in highly-responsive support to industrial, manufacturing, and SMB clients.
  • We often are involved in the setup, configuration, activation, shipping, and implementation of monitoring devices, controllers/gateways, and cellular routers. For example, when a corporation has figured out the energy monitoring controls and parameters for remote locations, such as branches, the technology stack is generally standardized.
  • Intwine works with corporate to pilot and determine the optimal tech architecture in light of constraints and conditions. Then, as the upgraded tech stack is rolled out, Intwine Connect is experienced in leading or assisting complex IIoT deployments.

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