The value of traditional BAS systems are rarely realized because they notoriously degrade over time and are expensive to maintain.

They become “out-of-whack” due to programming errors, hard-coded schedules that are no longer relevant, a long-series of overrides, management turnover, broken equipment and many more causes.  These issues are hard to identify quickly and lead to costly inefficiency, uncomfortable environments, and shortened equipment life. Costly recommissioning cycles are needed to rectify the issues. Furthermore, the BAS systems are often closed, propriety networks that require specialized experts and hard-to-source, obsolete parts to maintain and upgrade.

​Space is your business.

Intwine’s solution provides powerful reporting and analytic tools to help you and your tenants better understand how the building is being used. Reduce Opex, improve maintenance, and enhance tenant satisfaction with an Intwine Solution that is always improving and never “out of whack”.

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