ICG-150 Cellular Router: Fast, Reliable Connectivity

The Intwine Connect Gateway 150 (ICG-150) is a streamlined, affordable choice for most business & environments. The ICG-150 delivers reliable cellular LTE internet connectivity, as either primary or reliable backup. Each ICG-150 router generally serves 10 to 15+ connected devices, depending on usage demands from each connected device.

Popular uses include point-of-sale system failover, branch location primary or backup connectivity, small office primary internet, as well as remote work or remote student learning.

Tech highlights include:

• LTE Internet Connectivity

• Wi-Fi 802.11bgn 2.4GHz

• Dual SIM

• Dual ethernet ports

• VPN end-to-end encryption

• Configurable monitoring & notifications

Click Here for Detailed Specifications: ICG-150 Technical Data Sheet

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