The Intwine Connected Gateway (ICG) is the core of Intwine's technology platform and the solution to successful grid edge management for homes and buildings.

 The ICG is an ‘always-on’ 4G IoT gateway that reliably connects buildings and homes to smart services and utility programs. The ICG supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee connectivity and its flexible hardware design supports the addition of Z-Wave, proprietary Sub-GHz protocols, CANbus, Modbus, BACnet and CTA-2045.  On the software side, ICG can be configured to run VOLTTRON and OpenADR 2.0b making it a valuable tool to aggregate any connected device into demand side management programs.

Minimize stranded assets by using our 4G LTE communication backbone. No more connecting to the homeowner’s network – just drop the system in. For enhanced security, all data travels across our private network, reducing exposure to cyber-attacks.