Safe Cold Food Storage - The Modern Solution

Intwine implements connected devices and IoT technology to bring you simple, useful data:


  • Receive notifications when temperature is too hot or cold
  • Make FSMA compliance reporting EASY
  • Monitor equipment remotely
  • Strengthen preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Avoid preventable food and beverage waste

Ohio School District Implementation: South-Western City School (Story)

Mountain Resort: How Cold Storage Monitoring Saved Future Beverage Loss and Removed Risk Of Customer Dissatisfaction


Intwine Connect strengthens customer experience, advances reliability, and protects reputation.

Prior to a New Year’s Eve event, the mountain resort was shocked to discover that a large cooler had failed.

An event’s worth of champagne had chilled to freezing.

Soon after, we installed temperature sensors, set up alerts, and trained their team to detect pre-failure conditions.

Within six months, the Intwine sensors caught another cooler before failing, saving thousands of dollars in food and alcohol

The Intwine Difference

Intwine offers the only end-to-end solution with hardware, service, and support.

Enjoy peace of mind with proactive cold storage monitoring.

  • No hassle of multiple vendors.
  • No long term contracts.
  • No hidden fees.
  • It just works.