Intwine’s IoT services begins with the Intwine Connected Gateway. 

The ICG offers numerous open standard options to begin communicating with your equipment. The ICG is the pre-activated direct bridge from your equipment to CloudBUS via an embedded cellular link. With hardware and open software stack integrated, the ICG is one-of-a-kind.

CloudBUS is Intwine’s cloud service platform integrating data hosting, cellular network access, Intwine’s Remote Management Portal, and IoT service applications into a single service. The connection between the ICG and CloudBUS is private with no data passing over the open Internet. The ICG and CloudBUS are built to handle several demands:

  • Varied Response Times from Devices Increasing Reliability
  • Spreading Operational Load over many devices in coordination Improving Scalability
  • Handle Complexity of relationships between devices and users
  • Modularity to handle software changes efficiently
  • Handle widely varied end-devices for interoperability on the network

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